If you're looking for a partner to purchase a commercial vehicle or a construction machine from Switzerland, we’re your choice. Our established network of suppliers in Switzerland is expanding, therefore we're able to offer fully serviced and well maintained used construction machines and commercial delivery trucks. After a sales agreement is signed we start the import procedure, all items are purchased as presented on the web site. We’re also able to arrange the transport of the bought items from Switzerland to your destination. 


We are your procurement partner for suction machines from Switzerland.

Our network of associates and partners is constantly evolving, therefore on this website you can find the most up-to-date offerofusedconstructionmachines as well as othercommercialvehicles.
Machines and commercial vehicles are imported from Switzerland on the basis of certified sales contracts, all items are purchased in their original condition.

We arealsoable tooffertransportationservices for machinesand vehicles from Switzerland to BosniaandHerzegovina.